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What is an account password? πŸ”’

Multiple Passwords

Cryptee uses two passwords to keep your data secure. An account password and an encryption key.

Your account password is just like any other passwordβ€”it's what you use to sign in to your account.Β 

If you forget this password and want to recover it, you must have an email address attached to your Cryptee account.Β 

Your encryption keyΒ is a bit different. Once you've used your account password to sign in to your account, you must enter your encryption key to access your files and photos. This keeps your data safe, but it also means that if you forget your encryption key, you can no longer access your data.Β 

Not Applicable for Google Login, Smart-ID, Mobile-ID

If you're using Google Login, Smart-ID, or Mobile-ID, you don't have an account password.

Instead, you log in using Google, SmartID, or MobileID.Β 

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