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Why is Cryptee slow? 🐢

Cryptee uses several cutting edge technologies to bring you the service it does. Some of these technologies are natively implemented in browsers and are fast. Others, not so much. 

The unencrypted web services you use daily don't have most of the time-related issues that come with encryption which Cryptee faces as a side-effect of security. 

1) Encrypting data takes additional time. In order to encrypt files securely, we have to use lots of cutting edge javascript encryption libraries, which run in your browser's memory. Depending on your device's performance, you may experience a slower/faster Cryptee. 

2) Encrypted files take up more space than unencrypted ones. File sizes may increase up to 2x or more once encrypted, depending on their format. We have optimized our own docs & photos formats to be served as quickly as possible, however for other files it could still take a little while to download/preview. 

3) Encryption takes place on your device, making it impossible for us to see your files. But this means that your device may or may not support some methods available to common browsers/devices. If you're using an outdated device/browser, Cryptee may use a fallback system, which would be slower than browsers that support these methods natively.

If you are experiencing extraordinarily slow speeds, contact us, and we will try to help you sort out the problem. 

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