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How can I import / migrate documents/notes/files to Cryptee from other applications / accounts?

Cryptee natively supports importing .HTML, .TXT, .MD (Markdown), .ENEX (Evernote Export) and .ECD (Encrypted Cryptee Document) files. 

If your note-taking application supports either .html, .txt, .md or .enex you can easily import these files into Cryptee by dragging and dropping them into your desired folder in Cryptee Docs. 

Click on your application below to check out the step-by-step migration tutorials we have. In just a few clicks you will be able to bring your notes from other note-taking applications to Cryptee and re-gain your privacy.

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🐻 Bear Note

 Apple Notes

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 Another Cryptee Account

Exporting an Encrypted Cryptee Document (.ecd)

To export a document from another Cryptee Account (let's call this your First Account), first open Cryptee Docs, and the document you wish to export in your First Account. 

Open up the document menu by clicking ""  from the top right corner of the document and select "Export Document".

Then select, "Encrypted Cryptee Document". You will be presented with this pop-up :

Cryptee will ask you to choose a new key to encrypt & export this document. 

Type in a new key, and once confirmed, you will have a "Document.ecd" file downloaded to your computer.

Importing an Encrypted Cryptee Document (.ecd)

Now login to your Second Cryptee Account, and navigate to Docs. 

Drag and drop the "Document.ecd" file from your computer into a folder in Cryptee Docs.

Once the upload is complete, you will see the document in the folder, with a lock icon next to it.

Finally, click on the document, and type the new key you've picked in the earlier step. 

Cryptee will now import this document and make it available in your new account.

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