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Can I change my account password? πŸ”’

You can change your account password in your account settings.

We recommend that you use a strong password. Something you can remember and type easily, but hard to guess or something that can't be found in a dictionary.Β 

If you forget this password and want to recover it, you must have an email address attached to your Cryptee account.Β 

Not Applicable for Google Login, Smart-ID, Mobile-ID

If you're using Google Login, Smart-ID, or Mobile-ID, you don't have an account password.

Instead, you log in using Google, SmartID, or MobileID.Β 

If you'd like to change your Google Account password, you can do it here.

If you'd like to change your SmartID pins, you can follow this guide.

If you'd like to change your MobileID pins, you can follow this guide.Β 

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