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Migrate from Bear Notes 🐻

To migrate your notes and notebooks from Evernote, you'll need to perform a few quick steps. We've prepared this step-by-step, illustrated tutorial to make things easier for you.

Step 1 : Exporting your notes from Bear Notes

On macOS, open Bear, and select the notes you would like to export.

Then click FileExport Notes… in the menu bar. 

You will see a popup with a dropdown, asking you which format you would like to use for your export. 

Select Markdown if you don't have any embedded images, 

or HTML if you have any embedded images. 

(sadly Bear only allows exporting HTML with their paid version) 

So if you have a lot of embedded images, exporting your notes as HTML will be the most convenient option. The screenshots/images below will guide you through the process for importing notes exported as Markdown, but we designed Cryptee so that the import process is identical for HTML files if you take that route as well.

Due to the way Bear's exporter works, we recommend creating a new folder on your computer for all the tags you have on Bear, and exporting your notes into these folders to keep your categorical structure identical. Don't worry, you can still tag your notes and find them the same way after they are imported into Cryptee.

Once you have your notes exported as Markdown (.md) or HTML (.html) files, 

It's time to open Cryptee Docs!

Step 2 : Importing your notes to Cryptee

In Cryptee Docs, we recommend creating a new folder, for each of your Bear tags. Once you have created these folders, simply drag and drop the .md or .html note files into these folders. Like you can see below: 

After the upload is complete, click on your note with the .md or .html extension. 

Cryptee will automatically convert the note to a Cryptee Document. 

Step 3 : Enjoy Privacy, Security & Peace of Mind

We hope you enjoy your new home! Thank you for choosing Cryptee!

Let us know if you get stuck using the messenger bubble from the bottom right corner of this screen, and someone will reach out to assist you in your journey to better privacy and security!

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