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Migrate from Apple Notes 

In order to export notes from Apple Notes in bulk, you will need to install a third party application called "Exporter" on your Mac. Sadly Apple doesn't provide an easy way to export your notes, and effectively tries to lock you into using Apple Notes, so for now, this is the only way to go. 

Please note that, "Exporter" can only export the text-content of your notes, and not the attachments. We're investigating building our own one-click exporter, that will hopefully have more features. 

Step 1 : Downloading the "Exporter" app in preparation.

You can download "Exporter" by clicking the app store logo below.

Step 2 : Exporting your notes from Apple Notes

Once you have downloaded "Exporter", launch it. This is what you will see:

Click on the giant down arrow (⬇) and select a destination folder where you'd like to export your Apple notes to, and wait for the export to complete.

"Exporter" will export your notes in .txt format into a folder called Notes at the destination folder you've selected.

Once all your notes are exported, 

It's time to open Cryptee Docs!

Step 3 : Importing your notes to Cryptee

This is the perfect time to categorize your notes into new folders if you would like to make them easier to find. So we recommend creating at least a new folder for all your Apple Notes. Once you have created new folder(s), simply drag and drop the  .txt note files into these folders. You can do this in a batch, or one at a time. However you wish.

After the upload process is complete, click on your note with the .txt extension. 

Cryptee will automatically convert the note to a Cryptee Document. 

Step 3 : Enjoy Privacy, Security & Peace of Mind

We hope you enjoy your new home! Thank you for choosing Cryptee!

Let us know if you get stuck using the messenger bubble from the bottom right corner of this screen, and someone will reach out to assist you in your journey to better privacy and security!

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