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What are .ECD (Encrypted Cryptee Document) files and how can I create/open them?

What is an .ECD file?

An ECD file, short for Encrypted Cryptee Document is an encrypted document created by Cryptee to securely create and edit documents. 

What's inside an .ECD file?

ECD files may contain text, editor deltas, tags, links, images, audio, video, and shortly everything you can add to a Cryptee Document. They are encoded using Base64 and encrypted using AES-256 with OpenPGPjs, and require a dedicated, separate encryption key from your personal account encryption key.

What is an .ECD file commonly used for?

An ECD file is created when you export a document, journal, note, or another file from Cryptee. Typically, ECD files are used to backup files or transfer files from one Cryptee account to another, therefore only supported by Cryptee. However, there's nothing stopping other editors and software from adopting the underlying encoding and encryption, thus making it cross-compatible, since Cryptee is entirely open source.

How can I create an .ECD file?

To create an ECD (Encrypted Cryptee Document) file, first log in to your Cryptee Account, and navigate to Docs and open the document you wish to export / backup.

Open up the document menu by clicking ""  from the top right corner of the document and select "Export Document".

Then select, "Encrypted Cryptee Document". You will be presented with this pop-up :

Cryptee will ask you to choose a new key to encrypt & export this document. 

Type in a new key, and once confirmed, you will have a "Document.ecd" file downloaded to your computer.

How can I open an .ECD file?

Log in to your Cryptee Account, and navigate to Docs. 

Drag and drop the "Document.ecd" file from your computer into a folder in Cryptee Docs.

Once the upload is complete, you will see the document in the folder, with a lock icon next to it.

Click on the document, and type the key you've picked for the .ECD (Encrypted Cryptee Document) file. 

Cryptee will now import this document and make it available for use in your account.

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